A cryogenic multifunctional multiscale material characterisation facility

  • Liu, Yun (PI)
  • Cai, Qiran (CoI)
  • Cheng, Zhenxiang (CoI)
  • D'Alessandro, Deanna (CoI)
  • Glushenkov, Alexey (CoI)
  • Gu, Zi (Sophia) (CoI)
  • Jia, Baohua (CoI)
  • Kepert, Cameron John (CoI)
  • Lu, Teng (CoI)
  • Mateti, Srikanth (CoI)
  • Sukhorukov, Andrey (CoI)
  • Wang, Danyang (CoI)
  • Zhang, Shujun (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    This proposal aims to establish a world-class cryogenic characterisation facility for materials science and emerging technologies. This will allow the direct observation and measurement of various material physical characteristics under one or more simultaneous external stimuli (electric, magnetic, optic, mechanic and thermal fields) at different length scales and at or below-room temperature. Outcomes from this project will advance cryogenic materials science and facilitate the discovery of new cryogenic functional materials and technologies in the fields of energy, quantum technology, biomedical engineering and electronics, directly benefiting National Priority Manufacturing areas in resource, energy, national security, defence and space.
    Effective start/end date1/06/2330/05/24


    • University of Melbourne: A$15,000.00
    • University of Sydney: A$20,000.00
    • University of New South Wales (UNSW): A$40,000.00
    • University of Wollongong: A$15,000.00
    • RMIT University: A$30,000.00
    • Deakin University: A$15,000.00
    • Australian National University (ANU): A$441,726.00
    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$909,754.00


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