Adaptive Optics for Australian Astronomy, Medicine, Industry and Defence

  • McGregor, Peter (PI)
  • Ashley, Michael (CoI)
  • Ashman, Ross Andrew (CoI)
  • Atchison, David Andrew (CoI)
  • Bland-Hawthorn, Joss (CoI)
  • Couch, Warrick (CoI)
  • Coutts, David William (CoI)
  • Craig, Brian Ian (CoI)
  • Dawes, Judith Margaret (CoI)
  • Fraser, Donald (CoI)
  • Gu, Min (CoI)
  • Kelly, Marie-Therese (CoI)
  • Lambert, Andrew John (CoI)
  • Lawrence , Jonathan Simon (CoI)
  • Metha, Andrew Bernard (CoI)
  • Munch, Jesper (CoI)
  • O'Byrne, John William (CoI)
  • Patterson, Brett (CoI)
  • Smith, Craig H (CoI)
  • Storey, John W (CoI)
  • Tuthill, Peter G (CoI)
  • Veitch, Peter John (CoI)
  • Watkins, Rod D (CoI)
  • Withford, Michael (CoI)
  • van Dam, Marcos Alejandro (CoI)

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    Adaptive optics is a technique for correcting wavefront distortions in light beams to improve optical imaging performance. The Research Network for Adaptive Optics aims to draw together isolated Australian and New Zealand research groups working on adaptive optics applications in disparate areas to achieve a critical mass of researchers in this burgeoning field. Adaptive optics has wide application in areas as diverse as astronomy, vision science, ophthalmology, microscopy, optical communications, laser radar, and laser beam shaping. The Research Network will coordinate and expand Australian involvement in these areas and inform industry, as have similar networks in the USA and Europe.
    Effective start/end date11/12/039/02/04


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$20,000.00


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