AquaWatch Pathfinders: Earth Observation Sensor Design Simulator Testbed (End to End Simulator)

  • Sharp, Rob (PI)
  • Anstee, Janet (CoI)
  • Antoine, David (CoI)
  • Gensemer, Stephen (CoI)
  • Malthus, Tim (CoI)
  • Woodgate, William (CoI)

Project: Research

Project Details


The proposed project will develop a simulator that will provide a capability for satellite sensor design teams to work more effectively and easily with EO scientists to identify and quantitatively assess the trade-offs between sensor properties and the desired measurable variables. This will enable CDF studies and other mission development activities to develop sensor requirements to meet various aquatic ecosystem monitoring and measurement applications. Moreover, this capability will enhance the capacity and capability of VAI to develop and test Earth observation algorithms.
Effective start/end date8/02/227/02/23


  • SmartSat CRC Ltd: A$139,917.00


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