ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology

  • Jackson, Colin (PI)
  • Paulsen, Ian (PI)
  • Alexandrov, Kirill (CoI)
  • Beliaev, Alexander (CoI)
  • Calvert, Jane (CoI)
  • Dai, Junbiao (CoI)
  • Ellis, Tom (CoI)
  • Filipovska, Aleksandra (CoI)
  • Fleishman, Sarel (CoI)
  • Gillings, Michael (CoI)
  • Goold, Hugh (CoI)
  • Holowko, Maciej (CoI)
  • Lacey, Justine (CoI)
  • Lee, Lawrence (CoI)
  • Mankad, Aditi (CoI)
  • Marcellin, Esteban (CoI)
  • Neilan, Brett (CoI)
  • Nielsen, Lars (CoI)
  • O'Hara, Ian (CoI)
  • Packer, Nicolle (CoI)
  • Parker, Rachel (CoI)
  • Rackham, Oliver (CoI)
  • Rodriguez-Concepcion, Manuel (CoI)
  • Rogers, Wendy (CoI)
  • Scott, Colin (CoI)
  • Sherman, Bradley (CoI)
  • Speight, Robert (CoI)
  • Thomas, Gavin (CoI)
  • Vickers, Claudia (CoI)
  • Wodak, Josh (CoI)

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    The ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology (CoESB) will provide the technical innovation critical for Australia to develop a vibrant bioeconomy building on the nations strengths in agriculture
    Effective start/end date9/11/208/11/27


    • Australian National University (ANU): A$52,500.00
    • Australian National University (ANU): A$131,250.00
    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$1,470,000.00
    • Australian National University (ANU): A$183,750.00


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