Asian Accounts of Australia: change, comparison and analysis

  • Milner, Anthony (PI)
  • Carter, David John (CoI)
  • Finnane, Mark John Celsus (CoI)
  • Fitzgerald, John Joseph (CoI)
  • Ikeda, Shun (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    The dominant Australian understanding of Asian opinion about this country has been Australia-based, and therefore one-sided. Important sources of Asian views about Australia exist in the collection of the National Library of Australia (NLA) but receive limited exposure because they are in Asian languages and scripts, accessible only by specialist researchers. This project aims to identify these sources in Chinese and Japanese, to analyse their contents, and by electronic means, to expose them more widely to scholars and the public. Tangible outcomes will include an analytic monograph, an annotated reader of translated texts, electronically accessible synopses and bibliographies, and seminars; opportunities for future research and development of collecting strategies; and improved access to data for use in policy formation by relevant government departments.
    Effective start/end date18/05/0017/05/03


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$121,535.00
    • National Library of Australia: A$30,000.00


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