Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Corporation- documenting Indigenous knowledge in digital form

  • Turnbull, Paul (PI)
  • Agnew, Vanessa (CoI)
  • Gatenby, Pamela (CoI)
  • Law, Cliff (CoI)
  • Pearce, Judith (CoI)
  • Webb, Colin (CoI)

Project: Research

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The Endeavour Project extends collaborative research undertaken between the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research in the National Library since late 1997. It has two aims. Firstly, it exploits the potential of digital hypermedia as research medium to open new lines of research into James Cook's and Samuel Wallis' Pacific voyages (1766-1771), and how the resulting encounters with Indigenous Australian and Oceanic peoples influenced European intellectual and cultural history. Secondly, the outcomes of these new directions in research will be used to develop scholarly editing standards for digital historical editions, and a networked environment facilitating their national implementation.
Effective start/end date3/06/0031/12/03


  • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$338,441.00
  • National Library of Australia: A$90,000.00


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