Carer Characteristics and Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia: a Pilot Study

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    This pilot study is the first step of a proposed larger programme on carer characteristics (e.g. caregiver styles, attitudes, behaviours, perceived stigma) and care-recipient BPSD - an under-researched area. The innovative theoretical model developed here hypothesises that specific carer characteristics shape carer andcare-recipient interactions and contribute to BPSD. Taking an innovative approach, this project will address the lack of research in this area by using a combination of exploratory data collection methods, literature review and validatedquestionnaires. This pilot study forms the basis for a systematic investigation of the bi-directional associations between carer characteristics and care-recipient BPSD, its role in shaping carer and care-recipient interactions, and its possible roleas a risk factor for BPSD, cognitive decline and earlier institutionalisation.
    Effective start/end date2/02/1530/11/16


    • Alzheimers Australia Dementia Research Foundation: A$50,000.00


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