Development of a theory of change and socio-ecological model for gender equality

  • Ryan, Michelle (PI)
  • Glennie, Miriam (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    We will utilise a results-based accountability approach that works backwards starting from (1) bringing together relevant stakeholder to identifying the desired impact and goal(s) what gender equality should look like in Australia the conditions required to meet the goal(s) and the specific outcomes associated with it; to determine (2) the expected immediate effects of change initiatives and evaluation criteria for successful change; and (3) how to operationalize these into impact indicators for effective measurement. This will allow us to (4) identify evidence-based, effective change initiatives, their mechanisms and needed inputs; and to (5) inform the development of a narrative of change and approaches to mitigate resistance to change
    Effective start/end date11/10/2228/02/23


    • Commonwealth Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet: A$14,437.00


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