Discovery of new genes for plant cellulose biosynthesis and improved fibre production

  • Williamson, Richard (PI)
  • Arioli, T (CoI)
  • Hocart, Charles (CoI)

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    Cellulose, the world s most abundant biopolymer, is important to the cotton and forest industries and for human and animal nutrition. Before biotechnology can manipulate cellulose, we must identify the enzymes of the synthesis pathway and understand how their properties determine the properties of the cellulose they produce. Not all enzymes are known and any relationships to cellulose properties remain unexplored. This study extends our successful mutational analysis of cellulose synthesis in Arabidopsis and initiates the molecular analysis of organisms making cellulose with distinctive properties. It will significantly advance knowledge of cellulose biosynthesis and identify novel genes for fibre improvement.
    Effective start/end date25/10/0231/12/04


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$394,373.00
    • Aventis CropScience Pty Ltd: A$520,643.00


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