Energetically Open Systems Research Network Study

  • Dewar, Robert (PI)
  • Benkadda, Sadruddin (CoI)
  • Cairns, Iver Hugh (CoI)
  • Cally, Paul Stuart (CoI)
  • Diamond, Patrick H (CoI)
  • Dyson, Peter Lawrence (CoI)
  • Finnigan, John (CoI)
  • Frederiksen, Jorgen Segerlund (CoI)
  • Gottwald, Georg (CoI)
  • Grebogi, Celso (CoI)
  • Henry, B I (CoI)
  • Joshi, Nalini (CoI)
  • Mackay, Robert Sinclair (CoI)
  • Melrose, Donald Blair (CoI)
  • Metcalfe, Guy Parker (CoI)
  • Morriss, Gary Phillip (CoI)
  • Prokopenko, Mikhail (CoI)
  • Quispel, GR (CoI)
  • Roberts, Anthony J (CoI)
  • Robinson, Peter A (CoI)
  • Vincent, Robert A (CoI)

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    Conceptual frameworks arising in the physical sciences, such as non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, synergetics, chaos and dynamical systems theory, are seminal in the emerging science of complexity. This study will lay the groundwork for a network to link Australian and overseas research on these fundamental concepts, and their application within the context of entropy-producing systems vital to the long-term sustainability of the earth oceans, atmosphere, biosphere, CO2-free energy production, space and solar environment. The network would facilitate the development of young investigators and be linked into wider complex systems networks such as the CSIRO Centre for Complex Systems Science.
    Effective start/end date11/12/039/02/04


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$10,000.00


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