Equivalence of sun exposure and vitamin D supplementation in vitamin D insufficiency

  • Lucas, Robyn (PI)
  • Gies, Peter (CoI)
  • Hart, Prue (CoI)
  • Neale, Rachel (CoI)
  • Pandaya, Nirmala (CoI)
  • Sherriff, Jill (CoI)
  • Swaminathan, Ashwin (CoI)

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    Skin cancer and vitamin D deficiency are both common in Australia, making sun exposure advice very difficult. Low sun exposure with vitamin D supplementation is one answer, but recent work suggests that sun exposure itself might have health benefits that are not related to vitamin D. In this study, we will compare sun exposure advice (maximum safe sun exposure) with vitamin D supplementation in adults in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth, to evaluate these interventions for optimal health.
    Effective start/end date1/03/1331/12/17


    • Commonwealth Cancer Australia Agency: A$582,911.00


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