FIRE-DRIVE: Feedback in Realistic Environments to DRIVE turbulence

  • Federrath, Christoph (PI)
  • Hopkins, Philip Fajardo (CoI)
  • Kainulainen, Jouni (CoI)
  • Ossenkopf, Volker (CoI)
  • Schneider, Nicola Maria (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    Turbulence is the key process that controls the formation of stars in the Universe, and ultimately determines galaxy evolution and planet formation. We do not understand galactic turbulence, so this project aims to answer three of the most important questions in astrophysics: 1) What drives the turbulence in galaxies observed today? 2) How does the driving depend on the galactic environment? 3) How does the turbulent density distribution depend on evolutionary stage and stellar feedback? The ultimate goal is to determine the turbulence driving with the most realistic simulations possible to date and to compare them to state-of-the-art observations, in order to make powerful predictions for star, planet and galaxy formation and evolution.
    Effective start/end date30/06/1730/09/20


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$365,000.00


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