Hybrid Space-Based Cameras for Target Uncertainty

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    To allow high-resolution image capture of fast-moving objects from an orbiting camera, this project seeks to integrate a wide-field-of-view (wide-fov) conventional optical imaging sensor with a telescopic camera. Data from the wide-fov conventional optical imaging camera can be used to trigger the telescopic camera to get high resolution images of the target objects, even when there is some uncertainty around where exactly the fast-moving object will be at a given time. The process also helps reduce the bandwidth requirements for space-based sensors.Fast-moving objects of interest include hypersonic systems, including weapons systems, as well as orbiting systems. This has applications for defence, SDA and in-orbit inspection domains.The project will seek to develop a prototype hardware system as well as a preliminary concept-of-operations to enable the camera to perform as required.
    Effective start/end date17/12/2117/09/22


    • SmartSat CRC Ltd: A$29,406.00


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