Indigenous Collections and Knowledge Archives Research Network

  • Morphy, Howard (PI)
  • Austin-Broos, Diane Joyce (CoI)
  • Barrett, Jennifer (CoI)
  • Barwick, Linda (CoI)
  • Bolton, Lissant (CoI)
  • Egloff, Brian J (CoI)
  • Evans, Nicholas David (CoI)
  • Hunter, Jane Louise (CoI)
  • Langton, Marcia (CoI)
  • Marett, Allan J (CoI)
  • Mellor, Doreen (CoI)
  • Memmott, Paul Christopher (CoI)
  • Myers, Fred R (CoI)
  • Simpson, Jane Helen (CoI)
  • Sloggett, Robyn J (CoI)
  • Smith, Claire Edwina (CoI)
  • Specht, Jim Richard (CoI)
  • Stanton, John Edward (CoI)
  • Tacon, Paul (CoI)
  • Taylor, Luke (CoI)
  • Turnbull, Paul (CoI)
  • West, Margie (CoI)
  • Young, Linda E (CoI)

    Project: Research

    Project Details


    We will develop an ongoing inter-disciplinary network of researchers (museum researchers, anthropologists, art historians, musicologists, linguists) working with Indigenous collections (ethnographic, anthropological, fine art) and knowledge archives (sound, film, photographic and print). The network will create an exceptional research resource, and facilitate communication between holding institutions, researchers and local Indigenous communities. As well as facilitating pure research (eg. documenting the material, investigating memory systems and processes of cultural change) the project will play a significant role in community development (e. g. repatriation of images and information to Indigenous communities will benefit present generations and fulfil social, emotional and intellectual needs).
    Effective start/end date11/12/039/02/04


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$30,000.00


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