Migration and its socio-economic and cultural consequences in Australia

  • Thomas, Mandy (PI)
  • Ang, Ien May (CoI)
  • Baldassar, Loretta Virginia (CoI)
  • Bertone, Santina (CoI)
  • Butcher, Melissa (CoI)
  • Cahill, Desmond (CoI)
  • Collins, Jock H (CoI)
  • Dunn, Kevin Mark (CoI)
  • Fincher, Ruth (CoI)
  • Gow, Greg John (CoI)
  • Hage, Ghassan Joseph (CoI)
  • Hammerton, A James (CoI)
  • Hawthorne, Lesleyanne (CoI)
  • Hugo, Graeme (CoI)
  • Inglis, Christine Brenda (CoI)
  • Jackson, Natalie Olivia (CoI)
  • James, Paul Warren (CoI)
  • Kneebone, Susan Y (CoI)
  • Mansouri, Fethi (CoI)
  • Mycak, Sonia Anna (CoI)
  • Nieuwenhuysen, John (CoI)
  • Peters, Nonja Ivonne (CoI)
  • Pittaway, Eileen (CoI)
  • Skrbis, Zlato (CoI)
  • Taylor, Richard (CoI)
  • Taylor, Savitri Priyadarshani (CoI)

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    This network will develop an interdisciplinary multi-layered approach to understanding migration processes and the related social, health and economic effects. With the input of scholars in diverse fields, the network will play a significant role in the development of a national migration database, in training early career researchers and in developing social policy. It will also stimulate new areas of research, integrate the dynamics of migrant populations with migrants' own experiences and perceptions, add to knowledge in the priority area safeguarding Australia , and enhance our understanding of the cultural, social and economic impact on Australia of a significant migrant presence.
    Effective start/end date11/12/039/02/04


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$40,000.00


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