Netvision: Australia's National Vision Research Network

  • Morgan, Ian (PI)
  • Badcock, David Russell (CoI)
  • Beazley, Linda Dent (CoI)
  • Clifford, Colin W.G. (CoI)
  • Collin, Shaun Patrick (CoI)
  • Coltheart, Max (CoI)
  • Constable, Ian (CoI)
  • Dunlop, Sarah Alison (CoI)
  • Gillam, Barbara Jean (CoI)
  • Jarvis, Raymond Austin (CoI)
  • Marshall, Justin Nicholas (CoI)
  • Martin, Paul Ronald (CoI)
  • McBrien, Neville Anthony (CoI)
  • Mitchell, Paul (CoI)
  • O'Carroll, David C (CoI)
  • Taylor, Hugh R (CoI)
  • Vaney, David I (CoI)
  • Venkatesh, Svetha (CoI)
  • Zelinsky, Alexander (CoI)

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    Vision is the most important human sense. Visual malfunctions pose major health challenges. Vision provides a window into the brain, for studying perception, cognition and consciousness. It is integral to human cultural and social development. It provides opportunities for technological advances in diagnostics, artificial vision, robotics, and surveillance. Vision is therefore crucial to three of the National Priority Areas. The National Vision Network will create a coherent, interactive and innovative research base in the vision sciences, linked to end-users in areas ranging from the art, entertainment and fashion industries, through health and education, to border protection and counter-terrorism.
    Effective start/end date11/12/039/02/04


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