New Possibilities: Young People and Democratic Renewal

  • Collin, Philippa (PI)
  • Gordon, Faith (PI)
  • Bessant, Judith (CoI)
  • Catanzaro, Michelle (CoI)
  • Jackson, Stewart (CoI)
  • Watts, Robert (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    Vibrant democracies require generational renewal as norms, values, and cultures evolve. This project is a systematic study of Australian students in the climate change movement. Examining who the students are, why they participate, how they organise, how they represent themselves and are represented by others in social and mainstream media, the project ethically advances ways of co-researching students civic and political participation in offline and online settings. Expected outcomes include improved capacity for investigating student political action, new knowledge of the motivations, norms, and practices that characterise student climate politics, and concepts and tools for democratic renewal through engagement with young people.
    Effective start/end date21/04/2331/03/26


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$67,500.00


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