PostAc Individual - Development of discipline specific module on Psychology

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    The Parties wish to collaborate to develop the tool PostAc Psychology. PostAc Psychology is an online tool that addresses the pressing need to better match Psychology 3rd-year graduates with potential employers. Many job roles which are well suited to psychology graduates do not reference psychology in their online job advertisements, which means these ads are effectively hidden from graduates. To help address this problem, PostAc Psychology uses machine learning processing to read large datasets (of job advertisement texts) to sort them by the level of required psychology degree-related skills. By making this hidden job market more visible, the tool can help graduates, employers and universities to identify appropriate, fulfilling jobs for graduates. This project leverages from an existing commercial tool, PostAc, that uses a similar process to identify suitable jobs for PhD graduates. PostAc Psychology is a joint project between UC and ANU researchers.
    Effective start/end date19/02/2128/02/23


    • University of Canberra: A$22,000.00