Protecting while they prosper Organisational responses to whistleblowing

  • Brown, AJ (PI)
  • Hall, Kath (PI)
  • Brough, Paula (CoI)
  • Day, Warren (CoI)
  • Macaulay, Michael (CoI)
  • Masri, George (CoI)
  • Smith, Rodney (CoI)
  • Tsahuridu, Eva (CoI)
  • Wheeler, Christopher (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    So far, research into public interest whistleblowing (employee reporting of wrongdoing) has revealed much about the incidence, significance and experience of whistleblowers including the successful ARC Project 'Whistling While They Work' (2005-09). This project proposes enhanced systematic multi-institutional research on the next crucial issue: adequacy of organisational responses. Through comparative study of both public and private sector organisations, in both Australia and New Zealand, it will test new theories regarding the key contents of effective whistleblowing policies across a wider range of institutions and legal settings, identify reforms to promote their adoption, and set new benchmarks for comparative research worldwide.
    Effective start/end date14/01/1630/06/20


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