Reliable and accurate statistical solutions for modern complex data

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    As information is collected in unprecedented volumes from increasingly complex data sources, the knowledge and practice of statistical analysis must modernise to ensure that trustworthy and reproducible conclusions can be drawn from real-world data. The expected outcomes include a suite of statistical theories and technologies which offer guarantees on their reliability and accuracy in the presence of data errors and model perturbations. The benefits of the project are: First, facilitating an evidence-based, robust decision-making framework to drive Australia's societal and economic growth. Second, training researchers in cutting-edge statistical modelling and computing, thus strengthening Australias future data analytics workforce. Third, producing statistical innovations which, as applied to integrated and linked data streams, address national challenges in sustainable fisheries management and connecting investments in education programs to greater individual f
    Effective start/end date21/06/2320/06/26


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$410,689.00
    • Australian National University (ANU): A$82,634.00


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