Relinquishedty Conservation Institute Myinpyagu Temple Research

  • Galloway, Charlotte (PI)
  • Galloway, Charlotte (PI)

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    This project is part of the Getty Conservation Institutes 10 year commitment to conserve and protect ancient cultural heritage at Bagan, supporting Myanmars Department of Archeology and National Museum. Focussing on an art historical assessment of the 11th century Myinpyagu Temple its architecture, decorative elements and Buddhist sculpture - collaborative research with Getty conservation experts will enable a comprehensive analysis of the wall paintings and sculptures, determining layers of repairs. Following full assessment of the physical structure and decorative scheme a conservation plan will be developed. This approach aims to serve as a model for future conservation assessment and management of temples at Bagan.
    Effective start/end date1/01/2021/09/21


    • Getty Conservation Institute: A$18,000.00


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