Rescuing Carl Strehlow's Indigenous cultural heritage legacy: the neglected German tradition of Arandic ethnography

  • Peterson, Nicolas (PI)
  • Cawthorn, Michael (CoI)
  • Henderson, John (CoI)
  • Kenny, Anna-Maria (CoI)
  • Wilmot, Helen (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    This project is based on working with the Strehlow Research Centre and the CLC to repatriate Indigenous intellectual property by collaborating with Arrernte and Luritja speakers to translate Carl Strehlow's unpublished 10,000 word dictionary and other cultural materials unavailable to them because they are in German, and note form. It will also bring the last major ethnography of classical Aboriginal life, Carl's 7 volume work, unpublished in English, into the world of Australian scholarship and in so doing exploring the intellectual contribution of the neglected German tradition of humanistic anthropology and contributing to resolving current land disputes arising, in part, from TGH Strehlow's ahistorical use of his father's work.
    Effective start/end date22/02/1231/12/17


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$261,500.00


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