Risks of rapid ocean warming at the Antarctic continental margin

  • England, Matthew (PI)
  • Griffies, S.M. (CoI)
  • Morrison, Adele (CoI)
  • Spence, J. Paul (CoI)

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The risk of rapid ocean warming at the Antarctic margin is profound, with marine terminating ice-sheets locking upmany meters of potential global sea-level rise. Change has already been detected via deep ocean warming, landicemelt, and ice shelf collapse. Yet this region remains poorly understood, with only limited observations due toboth a harsh environment and a lack of standard data streams (e.g. satellite altimetry and Argo floats). This studywill use high-resolution global and regional ocean/sea-ice models to examine mechanisms for rapid warming ofAntarctic continental shelf waters via both large-scale drivers and fine-scale processes, including mesoscaleeddies, tide-topography interactions, and bottom boundary flows.
Effective start/end date17/05/1930/12/24


  • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$284,550.00


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