Smart Use of Information Technology (SUITs)

  • Gregor, Shirley (PI)
  • Burn, Janice Margaret (CoI)
  • Carroll, Jennifer Mary (CoI)
  • Cecez-Kecmanovic, Dubravka (CoI)
  • Elliot, Steve (CoI)
  • Fowell, Susan Patricia (CoI)
  • Gammack, John Grant (CoI)
  • Gedeon, Tom (CoI)
  • Ghose, Aditya Kumar (CoI)
  • Glasson, Bernard Charles (CoI)
  • Green, Peter Francis (CoI)
  • Hasan, Helen Margaret (CoI)
  • Howard, Steve (CoI)
  • Hyland, Peter Nole (CoI)
  • Lawrence, Michael John (CoI)
  • Love, Peter Edward (CoI)
  • McDonald, Craig (CoI)
  • McGrath, Gerard Michael (CoI)
  • Metcalfe, Mike (CoI)
  • Pervan, Graham Peter (CoI)
  • Rosemann, Michael (CoI)
  • Shanks, Graeme (CoI)
  • Weber, Ronald Arthur (CoI)
  • Zeleznikow, John (CoI)

    Project: Research

    Project Details


    The SUITs network will develop critical mass in world-class, leading-edge research into the smart use of information and communication technology (ICT) through integration of research within the dispersed Australian ICT research community and through facilitating international linkages. The network will undertake research applicable in key sectors including the health, education, service, knowledge and media industries. The aim is to establish a higher order of coordination and collaboration in research into ICT applications. The feasibility study proposed will engage key stakeholders, refine research goals and investigate linkage mechanisms to improve Australia s ICT research and its contribution to economic and social well-being.
    Effective start/end date11/12/039/02/04


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$10,000.00


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