Stunting and gastrointestinal infections in infants in Timor-Leste: A pilot study

  • Polkinghorne, Ben (PI)
  • Draper, Anthony (CoI)
  • Fancourt, Nick (CoI)
  • Francis, Josh (CoI)
  • Kirk, Martyn (CoI)
  • Sarmento, J (CoI)
  • Thurber, Katie (CoI)

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    Stunting (low height/length for age), wasting (low weight for height/length) and underweight (low weight for age) are internationally recognised markers of child malnutrition and are commonly observed in children in low- and middle-income countries. There are many socio-economic and environmental factors that contribute to malnutrition; however, one that has only been explored recently is enteropathogen infection.
    Effective start/end date14/01/1930/06/21


    • Commonwealth Dept of Foreign Affairs&Trade, Australian Cnt for International Agricultural Res(ACIAR): A$250,000.00


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