Sustainable terrestrial and riverine systems through integrated assessment and modelling

  • Jakeman, Anthony (PI)
  • Baddeley, Adrian J (CoI)
  • Bunn, Stuart Edward (CoI)
  • Burton, Michael Paul (CoI)
  • Chesson, Jean (CoI)
  • Chiew, Francis Hock Soon (CoI)
  • Davies, P M (CoI)
  • Ekasingh, Benchaphun (CoI)
  • Franks, Stewart William (CoI)
  • Grayson, Rodger B (CoI)
  • Hinz, Christoph B (CoI)
  • Hughes, Jane Margaret (CoI)
  • Kalma, Jetse Daniel (CoI)
  • Kuczera, George Alfred (CoI)
  • Maier, Holger Robert (CoI)
  • Marinova, Dora Vasileva (CoI)
  • McAleer, Michael (CoI)
  • McCalman, Janet Susan (CoI)
  • McMahon, Thomas Aquinas (CoI)
  • Nancarrow, Blair Elizabeth (CoI)
  • Pahl-Wostl, Claudia (CoI)
  • Possingham, Hugh P (CoI)
  • Sivapalan, Murugesu (CoI)
  • Voinov, Alexey (CoI)
  • van Ittersum, Martin K (CoI)

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    Australia must take the lead internationally in sustainability assessment and management; it hosts both the problems and expertise, and is proactive in integrating research and management. This Initiative unites, for the first time, leading researchers from all relevant disciplines to advance our knowledge for achieving sustainable terrestrial and riverine systems (STARS). The intended network can produce assessments, strategies and policy directions that are objective, adaptive and inclusive. It can evaluate trade-offs between sustainability strategies, integrating research and outcomes, making them accessible to managers. It will build a coordinated research capability that directly supports Australia s goal of ecologically sustainable development.
    Effective start/end date11/12/039/02/04


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