Technical efficiency analysis and benchmarking of the mental health care system in the ACT

  • Salvador-Carulla, Luis (PI)
  • Chung, Jina (CoI)
  • Garcia Alonso, Carlos (CoI)
  • Salinas, Jose Alberto (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    In practice, it can be difficult to assess the actual efficiency of health systems as data is often incomplete, the diversity of services means that analysis is complex, and outcomes refer to conditions based on constructs such as mental disorders. Instead, technical efficiency processes use proxy measures to assess the proportion of outputs produced (i.e. hospital bed utilisation) related to the resources available (i.e. hospital bed availability). These processes can be incorporated into expert-driven models of community care and mathematically modelled using standardised indicators relevant to the local area. Benchmarking would enable planners to: 1)Adjust resource allocation2)Monitor efficiency changes over time within the ACT3)Assist care decisions and planning
    Effective start/end date26/10/1715/12/21


    • Capital Health Network: A$168,550.00


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