The science and engineering of defects and impurities in photovoltaic silicon

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    The cost of silicon solar cells can potentially be reduced significantly by using less pure silicon as the starting material. However, the impact on solar cell efficiency of the additional impurities inherent in such solar-grade silicon is poorly understood, leading to hesitation in its deployment. This project aims to quantify the effects of the most important impurities, such as metals, unwanted dopants, and oxygen-related defects. The project will also develop rapid, sensitive and spatially resolved techniques for detecting them, and create new ways to control and reduce their impact. This will help to clear the way for the wide-scale utilisation of impure silicon for solar cells, in turn reducing the cost of solar electricity.
    Effective start/end date15/01/1214/01/16


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$790,525.00


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