Towards a globalised history of international relations, the case of Japan

  • Akami, Tomoko (PI)

    Project: Research

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    This project aims to revise the Euro-American-centric understanding of the history of international relations by incorporating the case of the first non-Euro-American modern power, Japan, and developing theory that internalises colonialism. Benefits to Australia and beyond include gaining a more historically accurate knowledge of this history, greater insights into the impact of this dominant understanding on the actions of non-Euro-American powers, and enhanced sensitivity of policy-makers and practitioners to their schemes to post-colonial societies. This revised history could also benefit general public debates on rethinking measures for dealing with issues arising from the diversity within Australian society and internationally.
    Effective start/end date15/11/2014/11/24


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$213,156.00


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