Towards a quantum bus for large-scale diamond quantum computers

  • Manson, Neil (PI)
  • Alkauskas, Audrius (CoI)
  • Ganesan, Kumaravelu (CoI)
  • Meriles, Carlos A (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    Quantum computers promise a new computing paradigm that transcends many of the limits of the 'classical' computers used today. Diamond is a proven platform for small-scale quantum computing. Indeed, simple quantum algorithms have already been demonstrated using small clusters of diamond defects. To build a large-scale quantum computer that can realise the potential of quantum computing, a device must be invented to bus quantum information between defect clusters. Recently, new physical mechanisms for the operation of such a device were theoretically identified. This Project aims to experimentally demonstrate these mechanisms and, in doing so, make a vital advance towards realising a quantum bus for large-scale diamond quantum computers.
    Effective start/end date28/04/1727/08/21


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$344,820.00


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