Trace element and isotopic signatures of the IOCG deposits of North Queensland

  • Mavrogenes, John (PI)

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Recently, ANU work (funded by GSQ) on selected skarn and IOCG deposits in North Queensland revealed characteristic rare earth and chalcophile element associations. These compositions may serve as pathfinders for such deposits. This project will involve analyses of accessory phases; allanite, apatite, titanite, zircon and monazite by SEM, Laser-ablation ICP-MS, SHRIMP and the recently acquired halogen analyser at UQ (w/ ANU). Initial work will focus on samples already provided by GSQ to ANU for the NEMI-1 project. These include well characterised samples from: the F-Ba-rich IOCGs (E1, Ernest Henry and Monakov), the U-Cu-Au skarns (Mary Kathleen, Elaine Dorothy and Koppany) and the hybrid Swan-Mt Elliot system. Additional deposits will be provided by GSQ from existing core. Other ongoing exploration samples will be supplied as they become available.
Effective start/end date28/10/2230/12/24


  • Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy: A$300,000.00


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