Algorithmic Learning Theory

Marcus Hutter, Frank Stephan, Vladimir Vovk, Thomas Zeugmann

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    This volume contains the papers presented at the 21st International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT 2010), which was held in Canberra, Australia, October 6–8, 2010. The conference was co-located with the 13th - International Conference on Discovery Science (DS 2010) and with the Machine Learning Summer School, which was held just before ALT 2010. The tech- cal program of ALT 2010, contained 26 papers selected from 44 submissions and have invited talks. The invited talks were presented in joint sessions of both conferences. ALT 2010 was dedicated to the theoretical foundations of machine learning and took place on the campus of the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. ALT provides a forum for high-quality talks with a strong theore- cal background and scientific interchange in areas such as inductive inference, universal prediction, teaching models, grammatical inference, formal languages, inductive logic programming, query learning, complexity of learning, on-line learning and relative loss bounds, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning, clustering, active learning, statistical learning, support vector machines, Vapnik- Chervonenkis dimension, probably approximately correct learning, Bayesian and causal networks, boosting and bagging, information-based methods, minimum description length, Kolmogorov complexity, kernels, graph learning, decision tree methods, Markov decision processes, reinforcement learning, and real-world applications of algorithmic learning theory. DS 2010 was the 13th International Conference on Discovery Science and focused on the development and analysis of methods for intelligent data an- ysis, knowledge discovery and machine learning, as well as their application to scientific knowledge discovery. As is the tradition, it was co-located and held in parallel with Algorithmic Learning Theory.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationGermeny
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    ISBN (Print)3642161073
    Publication statusPublished - 2010

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    Name1st International Conference


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