Australian water security framings across administrative levels

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    The ambiguity of competing ‘water security’ interpretations obscure the inherently political dimensions of water. Being explicit about how water security is conceptualised reveals the underlying assumptions about for whom is water is secured, for what purpose and how it is secured. Here, a framing cycle is adapted for the water security context that asks, security ‘of what?’, ‘against what’, ‘for whom’ and ‘over what timeframe’? The framing cycle provides a content analysis of documents representing Australian water security framings across administrative levels. Whilst some overarching themes are common (water for the environment, agriculture and drinking water/ubran water supplies), each administrative level varies in emphasis and detail. The variation is likely related to different responsibilities and roles at each level, highlighting the need for ‘fit for purpose’ definitions of water security, rather than trying to accommodate all facets of water security at all levels. The framing cycle was a useful tool in unpacking how water security was conceptualised at different levels. However, more nuanced insight could be achieved by combining the framing cycle with other lenses, for example a decolonial lens.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number100083
    JournalWater Security
    Publication statusPublished - Apr 2021


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