Cloth Production in Ancient Tianluoshan

Judith Cameron

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    Weaving cloth using a loom is an ancient technology shared by cultures around the world. There are countless variations of loom designs, all of which share the same basic functions of holding the warp in tension and creating openings for weft insertion. The looms represented in this book were part of the exhibition A World of Looms: Weaving Technology and Textile Arts in China and Beyond, held from 30 May to 15 September 2018, at the China National Silk Museum (NSM) in Hangzhou. Totaling more than 50 looms, the exhibits ranged from archaeological looms and their reconstructions to modern looms that are still in use today. This book forms a permanent record of the exhibition, as well as bringing together the work of leading scholars from around the world. The essays and catalog highlight the rich weaving cultures of the world and the diverse evolutionary paths that loom technologies and textile arts have taken. They particularly show how different regions and cultures have preserved and adapted loom technologies for their local needs. The project was enriched by the participation of thirteen textile scholars with different areas of expertise, who were invited to give lectures during the international conference on 31 May 2018; their specializations covering the regions of China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Indonesia, Laos, ancient and modern Europe, Ghana, Madagascar, India, and South America. Fourteen weavers and specialists were also invited to give loom demonstrations or presentations during the three-day workshops on 1–3 June 2018. The spirit of collaboration and exchange that was engendered during the exhibition, conference and workshops is captured in this book.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationA World of Looms: Weaving Technology and Textile Arts
    EditorsZhao Feng, Sandra Sardjono and Christopher Buckley
    Place of PublicationChina
    PublisherZhejiang University Press
    ISBN (Print)730819518X
    Publication statusPublished - 2019


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