Mark McLelland and the AsiaPacifiQueer Project

Peter A. Jackson

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    My first memory of Mark McLelland is still very strong. We met in 1999 at an international Queer Studies conference in his hometown of Manchester in the United Kingdom. At the time, he had either just finished or was about to finish his PhD on male homosexuality in Japan at the University of Hong Kong.[1] In collaboration with Mark Johnson—whose PhD had been on transgenders in the southern Philippines and who was then at the University of Hull in the UK—I convened a panel on queer Southeast Asia at that conference. Neil Garcia from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and Ronald Baytan from De La Salle University in Manila also participated in what was perhaps one of the first panels on comparative Southeast Asian Queer Studies convened at an international conference. The conference organisers contacted Mark Johnson and me and told us that they had received an individual paper on male homosexuality in Japan by Mark McLelland. They asked if we would mind if his paper was included in our panel. We were delighted to add another element of comparison to our panel and agreed enthusiastically.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalIntersections (Australia)
    Issue number46
    Publication statusPublished - Dec 2021


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