Poly(methimazolyl)borato nitrosyl complexes of molybdenum and tungsten

Robyn J. Abernethy, Mark R.St J. Foreman, Anthony F. Hill, Never Tshabang, Anthony C. Willis, Rowan D. Young

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    The syntheses of a range of poly(methimazolyl)borate -ligated nitrosyl complexes of tungsten and molybdenum are reported, the characterization of which includes the crystal structure determinations of the compounds [W(NO)(CO) 23-S,S′,S″-HB(mt)3}], [W(NO)(CO)2(PPh3){κ2-S,S′-H 2B(mt)2}], and [Mo(NO-)(CO)23-H,S,S′-H2B(mt)2}] (mt = methimazoyl). The reaction of [W(NO)(CO)3(PPh3)2]PF 6 with Na[HB(mt)3] and Na[H2B(mt)2] provides respectively [W(NO)(CO)2{HB(mt)3}] and [W(NO)(CO)2(PPh3)[κ2-S,S′-H 2B(mt)2}]. The complexes [M(NO)(CO)2{HB(mt) 3)] and [M(NO)(CO)23-H,S,S′- H2B(mt)2}] (M = W, Mo) arise from the reactions of Na[M(CO)3{H2B(mt)2}] with N-methyl-N- nitrosotoluenesulfonamide. The molybdenum complex [Mo(NO)(CO)2 {HB(mt)3}] is also obtained unexpectedly from the reaction of [Mo(η3-C3H5)(CO)2{HB(mt) 3}] with [NO]BF4.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)4455-4463
    Number of pages9
    Issue number17
    Publication statusPublished - 8 Sept 2008


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