Scaling of energy and power in a large quantum battery-charger model

Lei Gao, Chen Cheng, Wen Bin He, Rubem Mondaini, Xi Wen Guan, Hai Qing Lin

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    We investigate a multiqubit quantum battery-charger model, focusing on its potential emulation on a superconducting qubit chip. Using a large-spin representation, we first obtain the analytical form of the energy EB(t) and power PB(t), and their maximum values EBmax and PBmax, of the battery part by means of the antiferromagnetic Holstein-Primakoff transformation within the low-energy approximation. In this case, our results show that superextensive scaling behavior of PBmax ensues. By further combining these with the ones obtained via exact diagonalization, we classify the dynamics of various physical quantities, including the entanglement between the battery and charger parts for system sizes encompassing over 10 000 qubits. Finally, by checking a diverse set of system configurations, including either a fixed battery size with a growing number of charger qubits or when both parts simultaneously grow, we classify the system size scalings of EBmax and PBmax, relating it with the entanglement entropy in the system. In agreement with the analytical results, robust superextensive behavior of PBmax is also observed in this case. Our work provides an overall guide for expected features in experiments of quantum batteries emulated in superconducting qubit platforms, in particular ones that exhibit long-range couplings.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number043150
    JournalPhysical Review Research
    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - Oct 2022


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