Stellar overdensities in the halo: The extent of the Virgo overdensity

Stefan C. Keller, Gary S. Da Costa, Sayuri L. Prior

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    We map the three-dimensional extent of the Virgo overdensity by combining distance information from RR Lyrae variables and projected spatial information from the Southern Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Object Survey and Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 6 photometry. The Virgo overdensity is seen to comprise two filaments and 10° × 3°, and a circular structure 3° in diameter. Together, the three features span 38° of right ascension and declinations of 2° to -15°. RR Lyrae variables place the two filamentary features at heliocentric distances of 20 and 17 kpc, respectively, with projected dimensions of 5 × 1 and 3 × 1 kpc.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1045-1050
    Number of pages6
    JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - Apr 2009


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