The True Price of Peer to Peer File-Sharing

George Barker

    Research output: Book/ReportCommissioned reportpeer-review


    Canada lags in terms of the protection of IPR, a trend that has resulted in negative economic impacts and poses a threat to the health and safety of Canadian consumers. It is essential that the Canadian government adopt policies that will stimulate Canadas knowledge-based economy, thereby facilitating job growth and promoting innovation in these industries. Canada must provide a competitive IPR environment which will attract investment and allow Canadian businesses to grow and flourish. The adoption of stronger protection for IPR in Canada is also essential to protect Canadian consumers from the dangers of counterfeit goods. Every year that passes without the adoption of the proper legislation, more Canadians are exposed to harmful counterfeit products, which in some cases have been linked to organized crime, serious illness and death.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationOttawa, Canada.
    Commissioning bodyThe Canadian Chamber of Commerce
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


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