Trapdoor spiders of the genus Misgolas (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae) from eastern New South Wales, with notes on genetic variation

Graham Wishart*, David M. Rowell

*Corresponding author for this work

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    This paper reports on species of the idiopid trapdoor spider genus Misgolas Karsch, 1878 found in the Central Coast, Newcastle and Lower Mid-North Coast Regions of New South Wales, Australia. They comprise twenty-two new species: M. mudfordae n.sp., M. thompsonae n.sp., M. tarnawskiae n.sp., M. dougweiri n.sp., M. maxhicksi n.sp., M. campbelli n.sp., M. yorkmainae n.sp., M. helensmithae n.sp., M. weigelorum n.sp., M. taiti n.sp., M. sydjordanae n.sp., M. davidwilsoni n.sp., M. crawfordorum n.sp., M. watsonorum n.sp., M. raveni n.sp., M. fredcoylei n.sp., M. billsheari n.sp., M. baehrae n.sp., M. macei n.sp., M. grayi n.sp., M. browningi n.sp. and M. linklateri n.sp. Three species dealt with in Wishart (2006) are also included in the region covered by this work: M. melancholicus, M. villosus and M. gracilis. A key for males of the species within the regions is presented, as well as distribution maps and comments on taxonomy and natural history. Also included is one new species from Bondi, an eastern suburb of Sydney - M. milledgei. The status of the Misgolas species dealt with by Wishart (2006) is clarified. An outline of the intervention of molecular work necessitated by need to match otherwise undiagnosable species with conspecific males is discussed. Misgolas hubbardi is placed in the synonymy of M. rapax as it shows no significant morphological differences in the females of the two species, nor significant molecular divergence. Dyarcyops ionthus, Arbanitis montanus and A. chisholmi are removed from the synonymy of M. rapax; and A. fuscipes is removed from the synonymy of M. villosus. A. montanus is given full species status. Dyarcyops ionthus, A. chisholmi and A. fuscipes are species incertae sedis.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)45-86
    Number of pages42
    JournalRecords of the Australian Museum
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 25 Jun 2008


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